My works on paper depict ghostly portraits enshrouded in colorful lines that drape around a faceless figure—each print a different iteration of the same composition. I have been using the same 18 x 24 inch copper plate over and over again; ghost printing, as it is known in printmaking, is a process in which an image on the plate is reprinted, albeit quite faint. The indistinguishable portraits become identified only by their shared marks. Faceless Print Series, Monoprint on paper, 20 x 30 inches, 2015
The following series of works on paper are in direct reference to the above, each print/drawing is a rubbing of the above prints. A simple process in which the excess ink is removed by applying light pressure on drawing paper over the inked up copper plate. Only the hand applied  ink is captured, leaving the blacks of the etched image absent.
Faceless formless print Series, Monoprint on paper, 24x 36 inches, 2015
Rio Bravo I, II, III, Monoprints on paper,  22x30, 2018
Striped Crowns, monoprints on paper, 22x30, 2018
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